Friction drive

All Daltec drive units are equipped with the unique friction drive pulling method. With this method the cable is pulled forward by means of friction created between the pulling wheel and the discs on the cable.

As opposed to other systems which secure the cable/chain with sprocket wheels, this method reduces the pressure on the cable as it gives an even distribution of the pulling force on all the discs in contact with the wheel:

  • Even distribution of the pulling force on the cable.
  • Reduced pressure on the cable
  • Longer life time and lower maintenance compared to solutions with sprocket.

More than one drive unit on the same system
Longer conveyors can easily be achieved by adding additional drive units in to the line:

  • The total pulling force is doubled but each drive unit still has a reduced the level of pulling force on the cable for a longer lifespan.
  • The cable, the corners and the motor and gearbox get lower loads compared to systems with just one single big drive unit.

Daltec provide feeding systems in 4 diameters: 38-, 50-, 60- og 63 - system.