Feed Asisstant Online

Feed Assistant Online lets you control a portion feeding system in an a simple and clear way. The controller itself is all you need to make use of feed curves and to setup and control the system. Once setup the feed curves take care of the graduate change of diets during the Growth of the animals.

By connecting a pc you will get a very clear overview of what the system is doing as well as how the animals are growing.

Feed Assistant Online makes use of the Daltec network system to interface the feed valves and the silos. With this type of interface information flows both ways and important feed back information is always available.

It's possible to connect up to 200 feed valves and 8 silos and medication units.

Feed Assistant - Dual Feed

The Dual Feed controller is used for controlling systems with 1 or 2 diets and can be used for conventional filling systems as well as 2-phase systems.

The Dual Feed is the successor to the popular Daltec 1100 controller and continues the same easy and well proven user interface. It's easy to operate the Dual Feed. Operational as well as setup functions are easily accessed through the build-in menu system and system activity is clearly indicated on the backlit display.

The Dual Feed controller has build-in relays for controlling two hoppers, phase slides and one external alarm and has a built-in battery for backing up the time clock.

Daltec 1001

The Daltec 1001 controller is the ideal choice for filling systems where you want a simple and easy controller but don't want to compromise safety monitoring such as monitoring of cable movement, filling and run time.

The controller right out of the box comes with one motor contact- and protection unit and it supports one electrical hopper. Optionally it's also available with a switch for switching between two electrical hoppers.