Feed dispensers

The round dispenser from Daltec gives you an outstanding accuracy and is also one of the most proven dispenses in the market.

  • Easy adjustment of the amount of feed by hand wheel on lower front.
  • Ability to be individually disconnected, for example by farrowing.
  • The removable hopper makes cleaning easy.
  • Available in sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Rod for remote adjustment
If the dispenser cannot be reached directly, adjusting can also be done via a 2m long adjustment rod. This saves time and there is no need to set foot in the farrowing pen.

BIO-FIX® - for sows in groups

BIO-FIX® is used for sows in Groups. Each BIO-FIX® dispenser can supply 2 feeding spaces. The feed is slowly dispensed by using an auger mechanism that matches the flow of feed to the eating pace of the sow.

Basically the dispenser is a container with a hopper under it. The hopper is equipped with two augers, which when turned by a motor, dose the feed.

By using a flap inside the hopper the BIO-FIX® dispenser can easily be set just to feed animal.

The BIO-FIX® dispenser is available in the size 6.