Multimix feed valves

The Daltec Multimix valve is the markets most well proven electrical valve. For more than 15 years the Multimix valve has made it possible to perform ration feeding, where individual feed mixes are delivered to individual pens.

The valve is available in two different versions. One version makes use of analogue open/close signals and a second version makes use of the Daltec network for the best feed-back.

  • Is available for Daltec network system or analogue signal
  • LED feed-back, one for indicating operational status and a secondary indicating open/close
  • Analogue version comes with possibility for simple open/close feed-back
  • Network version is prepared for feed sensor input and detailed feed-back
  • Both types come with detachable funnel.

Valve feed-back signal
The network version is via the Daltec network able to feed-back detailed information about its operational status and sensor input. The analogue Multimix valve is able to return a 24 VDC signal when it’s opened and a secondary 24 VDC signal when it’s in closed position.

Feed sensor
The Multimix valve for Daltec network comes with the possibility to make use of an external feed sensor placed in the feeder. In this way the feeding for the local pen becomes controlled by the appetite of the animals. The result is fresh feed in the right amount and right mix every time.


Standard feed drops that are easy to mount by sliding the two halves together. All Daltec feed-drops are available with stainless shutters to ensure a long lifespan.

Drops 60- & 63 Systems
Feed drops with extra large openings that can handle feed flow from a 60- or 63 system. This also makes the drops very suitable for phase feeding when equipped with phase-slides, where it is important that the tube is emptied by one drop at the time. Fits Ø75mm drop tube.

Drops 50,8mm
Easy to mount and can assembled or taken apart without the use of tools. The drop fits both Ø53mm and Ø63mm drop tube.

Phase slides
Stainless slides for 2- and 3-phase feeding are available for all Daltec feed drops. All phase slides have 0-position, in the case no feed is needed at the feeder.