Filling systems

In the parts of pig production where only one type of feed is needed, the ideal choise is an economic and reliable filling system:

  • Simple by design.
  • Extremely easy to operate.
  • Can be equipped with mechanincal or electrical hoppers.
  • Can as an extra be equipped with a silo selection switch for easy switching beteewn two silos.

Daltec 1001 - Simple and reliable
Daltec 1001 is all you need to control a filling system. This compact controller contains the electronics module as well as the contact and the motor protection switch, all in the same box.

The system can be started manually by pressing a button or automatically by a connected time clock. The current state of the system is clearly indicated by the clear indications on the front.

Daltec 1001 control unitDaltec 1001 control unit Also support for two silos:
The Daltec 1001 supports up to two motorized hoppers. A switch on the control unit makes it easy to switch beteewn two silos.