Portion feeding

With portion a feeding system you can match the nutritional requirements of the pigs throughout thier Growth cycle and reduce the risk of growth stunts. Based on the needs of every individual pen, the system prepares rations in different sizes and mixes.

Changes in the feed mixes are done gradually by using feed curves, and the gradual transition of diets is high animal welfare, giving optimized growth and the accurate use of ingredients reduce feed costs.

  • Feed curves
  • Gradual transition of diets
  • Ad-lib and restricted feedig possible
  • Feed rations prepared on pen basis

Feed Assistant Online

The Feed Assistant Online is the central control unit in systems with ration feeding. This controller monitors the operation of the system, so the animals still get fed also if the pc is not connected or available.

Advantages with ration feeding:

  • Always fresh feed in the feeders because the system only prepares feed when required.
  • Optimal Growth through gradual transition in diets.
  • Reduced segregation of the feed by use of valves in stead of conventional outlets.
  • Only one conveying system is needed to bring out different feed mixes.
  • Simple system layout as no special return line is needed.

Daltec System Manager

Daltec System Manager provides you with a manageble and clear oversight of the feeding:

  • Irregularities are indicated graphically and can easily be identified.
  • Feed curves are displayed as curves as well as in a table style view.
  • Good display of the feed history for each valve.